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Melissa Jochim, CEO, Founder & Formulator, high Beauty


Founder and Formulator of high Beauty – a beauty brand powered by Cannabis sativa seed oil. Products include a Cannabis facial moisturizer, a Cannabis facial oil and launching on October 1 on an eye gel, a peeling mask, and a cleansing foam.


Melissa has throughout her career formulated skincare products for a variety of companies, all in the burgeoning organic range of the market. The list of products that Melissa developed reads like a dictionary, but highlights include: Blossom Organics (also a founder), Juice Beauty, Alba Botanica, Beauty Without Cruelty, and the Martial Vivot Grooming Line. And she is involved in exciting new brands that will be launching very shortly. Melissa holds 14 patents for her skincare formulations. Her career has allowed her to travel the world working alongside and eventually mentoring some of the leading minds in the organic beauty industry. Many herald her as one of the key figures in this segment of the industry.

Melissa’s current, and perhaps most revolutionary project is the launch of high Beauty, her brainchild and a project she has stewarded with her usual high energy and panache at blinding speed to a successful launch in Sephora. High Beauty is a revolutionary skincare brand powered by the enigmatic Cannabis sativa, and the ingredient that Melissa professes is only beginning to have its true potential understood.


Melissa launched high Beauty in 2016.


High Beauty is one of the first skincare brands to formulate a whole skincare line with Cannabis sativa seed oil as the hero ingredient. With Melissa's formulating expertise she then adds back in bioflavonoid and terpenes replicating the entourage effect of the Cannabis plant. This makes the Cannabis sativa seed oil even more effective as an ingredient in its absorption into the skin's layers leaving you with healthy beautiful skin.


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